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How’s The Coverage?

If you’ve ever been on the south coast train line before you may have noticed an abundance of ‘mr.dee’ / ‘daddy dee’ pieces. They’re usually planted on the top corner of buildings, or in nooks large enough for the letters. If for some reason you haven’t seen them, have a look up sometime and you’re bound to notice some.

Who is this person? I have no idea, however their coverage is solid. From Unanderra to past Thirroul, you can spot their letters on most buildings. Using a roller and, I’m assuming, exterior house paint they carefully work their lines to form the letters. In most places that I’ve seen the tag, it seems like a pretty sketchy spot, whether it be visibility or having to hang over the edge they always seem to get the good spots.

“I believe they’re [mr.dee] doing ‘it’ the right way and should get a medal.”- Random on the street (anon)

The large scale of the pieces combats billboard advertising and is quite commendable in that regard. If images and sales techniques are being rammed into our minds without consent simply because someone paid someone, it may aswell be an image with passion. That someone risked life, limb and law to place there.

If anyone has any information on who ‘mr.dee’ is I would love to hear from you, I’d like to set up a ski mask interview with a voice modulator. I just want to know more.

Below in the comment box, post photos of pieces you’ve seen in your area, I’d like to make a collage.

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty pumped up to get out of the house and spread my passion into the street.




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