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Youth Focused, Wollongong Venue Offering A Plethora of Services – ‘The Foundry’

The Illawarra Music Foundry, located upstairs of The Illawarra Leagues Club offers young musicians a modern, immersive performance experience – No bullshit, No Ego, No body left behind.

Being a fresh, youth performance activation space, ‘The Foundry’ plan to develop the talents and knowledge of the future musicians of Wollongong. I caught up with Mark Lenzo, Co-Founder – and had a chat about what The Foundry is all about.

“The Foundry space is first and foremost for original live youth music of all Genres. From when we started in Aug 2018 and now moving into 2019 we are geared to offer – On stage Rehearsal Space, professional recording, Video and production plus mentoring / and performance strategies.” – Mark Lenzo

I, myself have always wished for an all-in-one venue in which you can hash out the kinks of new songs and record them on the very same stage you will be performing them. Having this type of facility is such an incredible gift to Wollongong and we are proud to have another space to share and develop our creative en devours that is youth oriented and all inclusive.

“I hope our impact will be profound, I remember back in the Wollongong Oxford days at the age of 15 performing for the first time in a metal band I was in. Once the performance was done, we’d get a few high fives and that would be it.. I remember asking “how did it sound?” Was that ok ?. In all cases their wasn’t someone to provide the positive feedback. The Foundry is unique, in that young artists and bands are free to explore and embrace there musical journey whilst ensuring that they are prepared to ask the right questions, to engage the sound person. Basically empowering youth.” – Mark Lenzo

Mark Lenzo and John Burgess are two of the nicest, welcoming, business oriented people I have ever met. I dare say the venue and future of Wollongong music looks extra bright thanks to their hard work. It wasn’t and isn’t easy for them to run the foundry in their vision, but nothing is going to stand in their way of offering young musicians the opportunities they were never handed.

Overtime the effects of what is being taught will shine through the performers in their confidence. More and more youth will happily engage into performance without being detoured by the technicalities, instead, embracing them.

“Bands that practice on the onstage are sound locked. This means that in rehearsal, fold backs and the frequencies are all mixed and set-in perfectly at full performance volume and everyone can hear everyone. A garage jam is a necessity, however on stage is a different and real world experience. The best part is, when those bands play at “The Foundry”, you can feel the pure performance confidence kick in.” – Mark Lenzo

The Foundry are now currently offering a membership deal involving extra access and heavily discounted services for an incredibly affordable price. See below a pricing list:

If you are interested in becoming a member hit this link HERE to sign the form and join right away!
But it doesn’t stop there. If you want more than that, and are interested in joining The Foundry team – They are looking to expand very soon and are currently offering 25 volunteer positions in many disciplines of the music industry! But the time frame is closing so get in quick to join an amazing team on the fore-front of Wollongong music history. All you have to do is click the link HERE and follow the details to see if you’re eligible to secure your spot in the wild ride that is The Foundry.
Now it’s up to you.



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