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Meet Ciaran: A Day Out With Supahoney’s Drummer Boy

The embers of youth spark for us all in a glorious blaze. Some of us yearn to hold on to our youth while others eagerly await the next stages of their life. With everything ahead of him, 19 year old Ciaran Heraghty seamlessly navigates his way through life between the universe of boys and the universe of almost-men.

An aspiring model and musician, Ciaran juggles between going to university, working, and creating music. I first met Ciaran a little over a year ago at the Red Rattler Theatre where I was shooting for SOOK. He approached me, telling me a little bit about himself and his band, Supahoney—an alt-rock quartet consisting of guitarist/lead vocalist Dylan Wallace, lead guitarist/vocalist Beniamino Lopes, bassist Declan Heraghty, and drummer Ciaran Heraghty. He claimed he first saw me shooting Scab Baby at the Vic on the Park a month earlier. Although I have little recollection of the audience that night, I do, however, recall seeing a young man wave at me from across the room. Whether or not that was him is a question I have yet to ask.

Fast forward to the present day and Ciaran approached me again to shoot some photos of him modelling. Of course, I agreed. We spent the day driving up and down Sydney’s Southern suburbs looking for ideal shooting locations. As we venture through the streets, he bestows upon me the tales of his life working in the city and persevering through the Summer heat—clad in a full business suit—everyday. We take some shots in a nearby complex in, what I can only imagine is, the business formal attire he wore all those days ago.

The image of a hardworking young man working a blue collar 9-to-5 job inspires feelings of envy and admiration. However, this image is quickly disrupted as he begins disrobing himself behind the boot of my car. Uninhibited by the peering eyes of passersby, this rambunctious teen changes into a casual attire more reflecting of his personality. As we stroll through a laneway and into a nearby park, he exhibits a fun and effervescent side which easily draws your attention.

Having released their debut single ‘Have You Seen?’ earlier this year, Supahoney gives the audience a glimpse into their fun and wacky side through their accompanying music video. Shot by Nicholas Bakopoulos-Cooke, Supahoney are seen jamming out in an art studio before bursting out onto the streets to wreak havoc on their instruments.

Like the infectious rhythms of Supahoney, Ciaran’s gleeful personality and mannerisms infect the inner depths of your mind. Performing at the Captain Cook Hotel this Friday 12th April, come meet Ciaran and the rest of Supahoney as they take you on a musical journey.

Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify | Bandcamp

Words and photos by Jack Thepsourinthone | Instagram



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