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Explosive New Album From UTI – Exchange My Brain


“Mate, what the fuck… That was intense”

If you haven’t heard of Under The Influence you may be 20 years late, however, you’re tuning in at a very exciting time for the band. Having released their first record through a label they’re fired up and ready to go.


UTI have really set the bar high with this latest release. After being signed by Golden Robots Records –  (Rose Tattoo and Toe To Toe), The band smoke bombed Wollongong’s stages, performing only a handful of times, constantly working on the album.

But now… They’re back. And boy do they have a treat for you.


Exchange My Brain is a whole new UTI – The first release by the group after a line up change bringing Kino up front and singing solo instead of singing whilst drumming. The addition of Dan on drums results in one of the most powerful Wollongong releases to date. You can listen to it on spotify under ‘Exchange My Brain – Under The Influence’.

The video below is from the Dusty archive vault – The ‘Wasted Youth’ UTI Line up

Under The Influence are back with an album that puts all others to shame. Hit after hit, every track on this release is a winner. With each song displaying a new and experimental vibe, the boys have created a group of hard-hitting jams that manage to differentiate between each other whilst maintaining that recognisably unique ‘UTI’ sound. The only thing wrong with this album is that it ends, so get ready to wear out that repeat button because it’s hard to get sick of listening to this absolute winner.


I speak on behalf of everyone I’ve talked to about the album when I say, the new direction the band is taking is definitely welcomed by hardcore fans. Since Moey joined the band UTI have been slowly worming their way to more thrash than hash. But I personally believe they’ve hit the mark with this line up and sound. The album is heavily produced but not over done. It’s got all the bells and whistles you want from taking the time and adjusting EVERYTHING to how you envisage. It’s done, not subtly, but comfortably. It’s a HUGE sound with such an open feeling. Which is very difficult to do and they’ve pulled it off seamlessly. I cranked the album loud through good speakers as I laid my head down to take it all in, and fuck…. What a time.


I’m excited to see what the future holds for UTI and how the boys take a hold of something special that they have. Don’t spoil it gents! You’re kicking goals! Follow their socials to keep up to date with shows, releases and extra content and don’t miss out!

Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram


Saturday, May 18: We Hate People Festival – Valve Bar, Sydney
Friday, May 24: Valve Bar, Sydney – w/ Disparo
Saturday, June 29: Crowbar, Sydney w/ Stike Anywhere
Saturday, August 17: Valve Bar, Sydney w/ Black Rats & Rukus



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