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Competition Winner Announced

I’d like to thank you all for your submissions, it was truly a tough competition.

So without further commenting here are the prizes:

Firstly, each entrant has been rewarded with a 30% discount when printing their designs onto shirts (Applies to standard rates at the time of order). So keep that in mind when you’re drawing on empty pockets.

The Winner Is:


1st Prize is awarded to Rhiannon Fern for her skull submission.

This won’t be the last competition to be held, so keep on drawing, the next one is right around the corner!

Runners Up:

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The Lion, the Witch, and the Tunnel: Secret Punk Show in Gong

Take a stroll through a dark tunnel underneath some train lines with nothing in sight but the bright light guiding you towards the other side. You emerge from the abyss; transported to a world of loud music, people in grunge clothing, and the smell of booze and cigarettes. Set in an empty alleyway somewhere between Coniston and Wollongong Stations, a secret indie punk show was held.

Opening the show was Wollongong’s own goth disco group: Year6Disco. Your favourite eccentric party boys Coco (vox) and Izak (keys) were joined by new members Jason (guitar), Jorja (bass), and Thomas (drums). Marking their first gig as a full band, Year6Disco delivered an amazingly high energy set.

Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | Unearthed

Following on from their huge success playing at Farmer and the Owl 2019, indie band Enfant Terrible kept the heat going with their terribly terrific set. Consisting of Jason (vox/bass), Zoe (drums/vox), Alan (lead guitar), and Jasmine (guitar), Enfant Terrible had the crowd going with their catchy guitars and vocals from power couple Jason and Zoe.

Facebook | Instagram | Unearthed

Next on the lineup was Melbourne electro-industrial duo Deader—Scud (beats/vox) and Lou (vox). Opening their set with huge dance beats and a piercing howl from Lou, Deader immediately captured the crowd’s attention. Like the mythological siren, Deader has the power to entrance any passerby. Never have I ever seen/heard such an amazing spectacle as this.

Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp

Following on and bringing this show to an unbelievable high, Scab Baby delivered non-stop dosages of pure ecstasy. Having returned from their Melbourne tour, Tom (guitar/vox) and Thomas (drums/vox) showed no signs of fatigue and no signs of stopping. The pair had the crowd going with their insane guitar riffs, massive drum lines, and catchy vocals. This was only heightened when Kyle (Naughty Naughty and the Good Boys/TUFF Mustard) took over the guitar while Tom began climbing the fence and finishing the rest of the set above head.

Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp

Before DFFDL and Frame 313 could play their collab set however, a squad of police officers brought the show to a screeching halt. Although unfortunate, it most certainly was a fitting end to a perfect day. You can’t say you’ve been to a punk show unless it’s been shut down.

Words and photos by Jack Thepsourinthone | Instagram

S.O.T.W | Rat Coffin – Cryptic Wizdumb

Rat Coffin, as they say, are “Pist cunz from the south coast”.

Tight ‘on the one’ grooves with dirty tones and washy, reverbed out, vocals which kind of sound like an early 20th century Prime Minister who’s cock-tailed everything in the doctors ‘xxx’ cabinet and is making his way to the LSD punch.


A nice dose of doom, macabre and mayhem flows through their veins and is very present in their creations, whether it be music or film. But don’t let that stop you from sparking up a joyful chat, they are the nicest blokes always willing to play shows and further their talents and careers.

Stay in contact with Rat Coffin and follow their social medias to stay up to date with all their shows and releases through the links below.

Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp


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