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Youth Focused, Wollongong Venue Offering A Plethora of Services – ‘The Foundry’

The Illawarra Music Foundry, located upstairs of The Illawarra Leagues Club offers young musicians a modern, immersive performance experience – No bullshit, No Ego, No body left behind.

Being a fresh, youth performance activation space, ‘The Foundry’ plan to develop the talents and knowledge of the future musicians of Wollongong. I caught up with Mark Lenzo, Co-Founder – and had a chat about what The Foundry is all about.

“The Foundry space is first and foremost for original live youth music of all Genres. From when we started in Aug 2018 and now moving into 2019 we are geared to offer – On stage Rehearsal Space, professional recording, Video and production plus mentoring / and performance strategies.” – Mark Lenzo

I, myself have always wished for an all-in-one venue in which you can hash out the kinks of new songs and record them on the very same stage you will be performing them. Having this type of facility is such an incredible gift to Wollongong and we are proud to have another space to share and develop our creative en devours that is youth oriented and all inclusive.

“I hope our impact will be profound, I remember back in the Wollongong Oxford days at the age of 15 performing for the first time in a metal band I was in. Once the performance was done, we’d get a few high fives and that would be it.. I remember asking “how did it sound?” Was that ok ?. In all cases their wasn’t someone to provide the positive feedback. The Foundry is unique, in that young artists and bands are free to explore and embrace there musical journey whilst ensuring that they are prepared to ask the right questions, to engage the sound person. Basically empowering youth.” – Mark Lenzo

Mark Lenzo and John Burgess are two of the nicest, welcoming, business oriented people I have ever met. I dare say the venue and future of Wollongong music looks extra bright thanks to their hard work. It wasn’t and isn’t easy for them to run the foundry in their vision, but nothing is going to stand in their way of offering young musicians the opportunities they were never handed.

Overtime the effects of what is being taught will shine through the performers in their confidence. More and more youth will happily engage into performance without being detoured by the technicalities, instead, embracing them.

“Bands that practice on the onstage are sound locked. This means that in rehearsal, fold backs and the frequencies are all mixed and set-in perfectly at full performance volume and everyone can hear everyone. A garage jam is a necessity, however on stage is a different and real world experience. The best part is, when those bands play at “The Foundry”, you can feel the pure performance confidence kick in.” – Mark Lenzo

The Foundry are now currently offering a membership deal involving extra access and heavily discounted services for an incredibly affordable price. See below a pricing list:

If you are interested in becoming a member hit this link HERE to sign the form and join right away!
But it doesn’t stop there. If you want more than that, and are interested in joining The Foundry team – They are looking to expand very soon and are currently offering 25 volunteer positions in many disciplines of the music industry! But the time frame is closing so get in quick to join an amazing team on the fore-front of Wollongong music history. All you have to do is click the link HERE and follow the details to see if you’re eligible to secure your spot in the wild ride that is The Foundry.
Now it’s up to you.

SALE ! – 10 Custom Tees – $130… What?

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SALE  ENDS  13/02/2019



Reflection Piece by Nick Smith of 99 Scapegoats + Song of The Week – Pokies

As a 12-year-old kid growing up I listened to most of my older brothers music. Bands like Mellincolin, Offspring, Green Day and Pearl Jam. Little did I know that years later i would discover on Youtube bands like: Black Flag, DOA, Agent Orange, Descendents, Bad Brains, Bad Religion and countless more. I think my affinity to that music was also partly from watching surfing movies, that and the fact that during the late 90s and early 2000s more money was being thrown into punk.

My first-hand experience of going out was during my late teens. Going out meant heading to some dingy nightclub. It was my last year of school and I was starting to get into DJing. I was doing it myself, mainly playing electro house stuff; at the time Ministry of Sound was big. Thinking back to that time I was a quiet guy in some ways; sporty and I’d usually have to drink to get chatty which would get me in sticky situations along the way. Blanking out a lot when I drank too much. Getting bashed at a house party probably wasn’t the best thing for me to do but my friends were drinking so I would too.

I had a few connections through my brother’s friend and played my first nightclub set at The Grand. I’d play with a friend as heads down thumbs up. It was fun and we started playing around town more regularly. A mix tape, decks and speakers was all we needed. I had lessons beat matching and once I had that, it stuck with me forever. The slots happened more often with a regular night at The Grand. I guess it was the right time and place, people would always come out for it. We weren’t paid much—1 or 2 free drinks and a small amount of cash. I was working in the city so I wasn’t worried about that.

Time went on and I wasn’t real into trying to produce. I had played guitar as a kid. Spanish trained but never thought to use that in our stuff. I guess it could have been cool but it wasn’t really happening and the guy I was DJing with moved on. So that was it, I stopped playing regularly. Yeah, I was negative on dance music for a while. Maybe because there were a few things when I was younger I couldn’t work out, maybe because I hung around the wrong people, or the scene was shit. I would DJ here and there at house parties for my own enjoyment.

Fast forward six years and I started writing and playing music in a duo, ‘99 scapegoats’, with a guy I work with. I felt an instant rush to what I loved, punk music. It’s solid you know, doesn’t differ that much. I think that’s why I latch on to it. We do it for ourselves, finding a connection to it—writing songs about true life—our life. I play in three bands now but ’99 scapegoats’ is serious, we record and play gigs. We’re bringing our different styles to the table. Nick’s prog-metal guitar riffs with my guitar and vocal punk style. The songs are separate; one punk, one prog, but we are starting to mould in more new music. The other bands include a cover band which is just for fun, and a side project called ‘Electric Mower’ which incorporates an Abeleton, 808 drums, electric guitars, synth, and bass guitar. It’s opened my mind so such which I’m thankful for, and to be honest I’m happy I moved on from the dance/nightclub scene that I was trapped in.

So amongst all that of that, Wollongong’s live gig scene began to crop up thanks to a few venues like Yours and Owls, Rad Bar, Dicey Riley, Urge Records, Janes, North Gong Sundays, Wollongong Uni Bar. The live gig scene is thriving now, on par with nightclubs.

I’m seeing more and more great bands each week and am so excited for what’s to come! Guess I’m more excited for the kids coming up now and the kind of music they’ll get to experience.

– Nick Smith

99 Scapegoats are this weeks song of the week with their track ‘Pokies’. Click play on the audio bar on the side of the screen (or below on mobiles).

If you’re interested in uploading any of your own writings, just contact me and Dusty Toothbrush will publish it.

Review – New Space Boys single – Swim

The song starts with the driving bass line played out to you all nice and fuzzy like in true Space Boys fashion. Introducing the rest of the parts, the guitar remains disjointed and eery, keeping your focus on the gloom and despairing lyrical content. As the song builds, the backing vocals emphasise the pain and the key change into the break will keep you listening through to the next verse.

A great build up is introduced in this song, one of the dirtiest Space Boys songs in my opinion so far. I feel they’re starting to audibly express themselves properly. Not just experimenting with sounds and structure but emphasising areas and creating drive and push from simplicity. The song isn’t a get up and dance song. You listen, you feel for them, you connect. They’ve just released a cracker of a film clip for the track so feast your eyes on that bessy.

It’s available for download on their bandcamp – name your price. So get to it, craft your own opinion and head to one of their shows.

Follow their socials to keep updated ->  – facebook – Instagram – bandcamp – Youtube – Triple J unearthed


Song Of The Week – The Leftards, Apocolypse Cabaret – Side One


The Leftards, recently formed, have been playing shows up and down the coast, destroying many stages, mics and Sound Guy’s hearts along the way. A powerful display of nonsense as Ronny, the Lead vocalist, maniacally explores his bag of percussion instruments searching for the perfect un-heard solo instrument.


I’ll be testing my Wollongong punk history with this, but. The Leftards formed from the ashes of FugG, Strawdogs and Acid Eaters-? There’s one more that I missed. I can’t for the life of me remember the name.


I would say that they’re music has elements of the classic 3 chord punk rock but delivered with a certain finesse, + Solos! With chants and gibberish you can feel like you can always join in on the fun.

I HIGHLY recommend seeing these guys live and buying their debut 7″ Vinyl – Apocolypse Cabaret – Available now at their shows and through phone order – 0407023776.

Click play on the Audio bar on the side of the screen- or at the bottom of the page if you’re on your phone- to sink your ear holes into some tard.

Leftards socials – Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp


Feel free to leave a reply at the bottom of the page with your thoughts and comments, I’d love to hear them.



After over a year of waiting and drooling in anticipation of the next Hoon show, I must say: it was definitely worth the wait.

It was a spectacle to see so many supporters of Hoon gathered in a single room. Although there was rain and thunder outside, the electricity and atmosphere generated by 200+ Hoon fans inside the Uni Bar created, possibly, one of the best shows of 2019..

You had to be there.

Lotus Lake

Perfect openers for the night. A generous mix between Rock and Reggae. Smooth bass lines grooving to solid beats, a wailing synth, and plenty of smiles. I like when you can tell a band is enjoying just being up on stage and playing their music. A very wholesome experience filled with genuine, easy listening tunes.

Check out their socials – Facebook – Instagram




A new up-and-coming ‘The Runaways’-esque Rock n’ Roll band. Homewrecker are gaining traction and gearing up to spread their wings. With a gutsy as fuck bass tone that truly stands out and an enthusiastic attitude, Homewrecker can easily scratch your dirty Rock n’ Roll itch. It’s great to see people so young getting up on stage and getting their name out there.
Hit up their socials for more gigs!  Facebook – Instagram



Naughty Naughty And The Good Boys

The always energetic, hyper blues band, ‘Naughty Naughty’, have been screaming and crawling on the floor like an angry toddler for a while now. What a high paced, scummy performance of great music. Always entertaining and engaging, they charge through their set with complete dis-regard for property, audience, and themselves.

Definitely go to their shows. Scum out and piss your pants—you’ll fit in just fine. Lovely people playing lovely music, check out their socials for updates – Facebook – Instagram | Music – Bandcamp



Space Boys

Fucken’ Space Boys. Where do I start? A humble group of jolly chaps absolutely ripping up the Uni Bar with their fuzzy, down right dirty tunes. A sweaty, slipping, sliding, front man sharing the mic with the crowd, engaging, and including the audience. Space Boys always create a memorable atmosphere. Whether you’re seeing them for the first time or for the 50th time, they always make you feel like you’ve been mates for years.

Their socials – Facebook – Instagram | Music – Bandcamp




Well… It finally happened. The highly anticipated comeback show from one of the most creative, insightful, and inspirational bands to ever come out of Wollongong. Forever unpredictable. Never average. Hoon have always put their ALL into every show. However, they have truly topped it off with this one.

A brilliant, chaotic fusion of emotion, talent, and ambition. Hoon’s music is a push and pull between wonder and satisfaction. It actually hurts how good their songwriting is. But it’s not just that. They’re a gift from the heavens. Not of this world. Every single member fits perfectly into the meticulously designed unit that is Hoon. It’s only function: Take Over The World. They’re doing their best but need our help.

Please support all Hoon endeavours (like you weren’t going to anyway) and keep them creating.

Watch the highlight reel HERE or check out the Video Gallery for more of Gongs finest.

socials – Facebook – Instagram – Youtube – music – Bandcamp



All photos by Jack Thepsourinthone – Instagram

Words by Lochy – Edited by Jack. All just opinions. I urge you to see all of these bands live and to listen to their music to gain your own perspective. Cheers

Highlight reel filmed by Lochy & Edited by Sam Bowker

Pro Tip: $200 Merch Pack advice

You get 10 Shirts, 20 patches & 20 badges right? Well.

The trick is to send me 2 designs for the badges (b) and patches (p), that are seperate to your shirt design. (I normally just do 3 different colours if the design is all the same)

You then sell your shirts at $25 each with 2 B’s & 2 P’s included with every purchase, make 10 sales, buy some strings and drumsticks with the profit and come back for a re-print or a whole new design. Simple. Your fans are happy they got a sweet deal, the band doesn’t lose any money and you only have to make 10 sales.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a design or just don’t have the ability to pull off what’s floating in your mind, don’t fret, Dusty Toothbrush has you covered. I’ll contact an artist who will fit your style and aesthetic to fulfill all your requirements.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and make that $200!


How’s The Coverage?

If you’ve ever been on the south coast train line before you may have noticed an abundance of ‘mr.dee’ / ‘daddy dee’ pieces. They’re usually planted on the top corner of buildings, or in nooks large enough for the letters. If for some reason you haven’t seen them, have a look up sometime and you’re bound to notice some.

Who is this person? I have no idea, however their coverage is solid. From Unanderra to past Thirroul, you can spot their letters on most buildings. Using a roller and, I’m assuming, exterior house paint they carefully work their lines to form the letters. In most places that I’ve seen the tag, it seems like a pretty sketchy spot, whether it be visibility or having to hang over the edge they always seem to get the good spots.

“I believe they’re [mr.dee] doing ‘it’ the right way and should get a medal.”- Random on the street (anon)

The large scale of the pieces combats billboard advertising and is quite commendable in that regard. If images and sales techniques are being rammed into our minds without consent simply because someone paid someone, it may aswell be an image with passion. That someone risked life, limb and law to place there.

If anyone has any information on who ‘mr.dee’ is I would love to hear from you, I’d like to set up a ski mask interview with a voice modulator. I just want to know more.

Below in the comment box, post photos of pieces you’ve seen in your area, I’d like to make a collage.

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty pumped up to get out of the house and spread my passion into the street.


Introducing – Song Of The Week


As you may have noticed, at the top right of the screen is a music player featuring this weeks, S.O.T.W., have a listen, comment your thoughts at the bottom of the site…

Each week a different song will be featured from different Wollongong artists. If you’d like your song to spin for a week just contact us HERE

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