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Beat the Price Rise This Month – Pay Original Price On Custom Digital Patches

Due to a high demand and upgrade of material, Digital Patches have now DOUBLED in price!.. now $2. But if you get in quick using the code: ‘Fuckyourextradollar’ you can pay original price on digital patches until the new year.

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If you’re looking for a last minute gift this month, patches are a sweet way to get any image onto your clothing or accessories.

ANY IMAGE! Your favourite flower, your mates munt face, a funny quote/slogan, an obscure movie poster from the 70’s… the possibilities are actually endless.

All home made, All hand cut out

Think of something and get in touch

Lochy – 0438088693


Instagram: @dusty.toothbrush


On the 01/01/2019 prices will be frozen at $2 per patch until March.


Turbo Nun Entertainment Group – Doing Underground Music A Favour

I’ve tried my hand at band photography, but like many before me, could never really get a good shot. Whether it be that it was too dark, or I was just a millisecond too late, or simply couldn’t get a good enough position to get the frame that I was after. No matter how prepared I was nothing really came out. So I gave up and stuck to filming – Video Gallery

Not Janie D, her work is great! I was blown away by the photos I saw from the ‘Living Like Scum’ album launch. If you haven’t checked those out yet, you can have a look here. She’s even kind enough to ask for permission when using a dimmed flash.


turbo nun

Turbo Nun, when they say they’re “All about music” they really mean it. Excellent photographers and writers doing what they love, supporting music.

So if you want to see some sweet shots and truly honest, well articulate write ups of local music within the Sydney region and surrounding areas, hit the link to head to their website! >>

Contact them to attend your next show in Sydney!

Facebook  Instagram Janie D Photography

Lessons, Workshops & Exhibitions – Now booking

If you’re interested in learning an instrument or creating works for your very first exhibition, then you’re in luck!

Dusty Toothbrush will be offering drum, guitar and loop lessons for just $10 an hour during the summer break!

Drum ad


If you’re a skilled Artist willing to teach the youth how to think creatively and be involved in a community spirit please contact me to organise a workshop or lesson plan for you.

Artist ad

I’m also looking for interest in filling walls for exhibitions. If you create works but have never held or been involved with exhibitions then please contact me.

I’m currently creating a ‘My First Time’ exhibition for willing artists to break into a network of other like minded individuals, all skills and mediums happily welcomed.

If you are interested in learning & pursuing your creative interests, I am willing to help you find your spot in a Wollongong sub culture.

Please get in touch 🙂

email me:

Phone me:  0438088693

Social Media:  Instagram , Facebook , Youtube

OUT NOW! Carrot Pit – The Grated Hits – RAW

carrot split

The never anticipated, Acoustic collaborative works of Death By CarrotSloshpit will surprise your every inner expectation!
Different bodies sharing an experience is the essence of the release, recorded on the road between shows and in a dark bedroom, there’s no flaunt or Ulterior motive, just raw grated hits.

Click the link and sink your teeth into it…/limited-edition-denim-patch…

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to reevaluate my situation to improve the lives of others.

Death By Carrot , everybody buy their shit.  Facebook Bandcamp Youtube

Tie Dye & Pigment Washes

Far Out Man!

Get your design screen printed on whacky as Fuck, Tie dyed clothing!

No 2 shirts are exactly alike, all unique colouring.

Bucket Hats and Hoodies no minimum order

Just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page with your order details and I’ll tailor up a package deal, suiting your exact needs


Acid Wash
Mineral Wash



Bucket Hat
Bucket Hats



Crystal Wash
Twist Dye



Ladies wash
Womens Twist Dye



Marble Dye


Mineral Hoodies
Mineral Wash Hoodies



Pastel Tees & Pullover Hoodies



Tie Die hoodies
Twist Dye Hoodies



Ombre Tees


Fill out the order form with the information required and I’ll tailor a package deal especially for you.




Contact me here and we’ll work together to get exactly what you’re after.

New shirt ad
Current Sale
Screen printed T-Shirt.
Digital Patch hand stitched onto bucket hat
Patches stitched on Footy Shorts
Screen printed and fade dyed T-Shirts.
back anti fasc
New Dusty Toothbrush Print
Custom Stubby Coolers
Custom merch packages, tailored to your needs. (shown: Hand stitched patch onto beanie)


Just contact me through the comment box below and we’ll work together to get exactly what you’re after!




Fill Your Merch Desk for $200


If you’re after blank clothing, not a worry, contact me direct through Here

Review: CLOWNS- ‘I Shaved My Legs For You’


CLOWNS have been doing the rounds for a little while now, to say the least. They’ve been on the road longer than I’ve brushed my teeth… that’s just true.

In this time they’ve released several albums- ‘Bad Blood’, ‘I’m Not Right’ and ‘Lucid Again’ to name a few. Have had a minor line up change resulting in a natural slight shift of sound & dynamic which in turn produced one of the better releases from CLOWNS in the last few years in my opinion. I believed CLOWNS had lost their grit and polished up their act for the radio, and in all honesty I had almost given up on them… however.


Today CLOWNS released their new single ‘I Shaved My Legs For You’ off their Album released today through Damaged Music ‘Freezing In The Sun’. It reminds me of their earlier releases, the way they used modern pedals and effects on classic rock n roll riffs with a driving washy power beat, then glazing their songs with a bit of eery and mysterious overtones, you know, that cemetery twang. This new release is just that, Classic Clowns vocals with blisteringly crunched fuzz riffage and on the ear harmonies, wrapped up like a mummy and buried alive.

All in all I believe CLOWNS are shifting image again, but this time at least, it seems they’re returning to the sound which lifted them from our shores and into many countries and hotels around the world. Bloody oath and good luck to them. They’re currently touring the new album at the moment so jump on to these links to see the closest show near you and score yourself a copy  – –  Facebook – Bandcamp – DAMAGED

CLOWNS – ‘I Shaved My Legs For You’ – 7/10    Listen and Watch Here


– Lochy for Dusty Toothbrush Promo – Just my opinion

Fill Your Merch Desk for $200


Fill Your Merch Desk!

Fill your merch desk with:

  • 10 Shirts – Unlimited colours, any size, 100% Gildan Cotton, Made in Australia, single colour screen print.
  • 20 HD Patches – Sizing around 9x9cm, complexity of design encouraged, Australian corduroy cotton material.
  • 20 Badges – Custom metal badges, circular designs often come out looking like glass! 3.5cm in diameter


Fill Your Merch Desk for $200


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